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Pietro Saba

PT Specialisations

  • Level 3 personal trainer

  • Level 2 fitness instructor

  • Fighting sports (Muay Thai, Boxing, Kick-boxing, Wrestling, MMA)

  • Fat loss

  • Strength and Conditioning

About Pietro

"I first started training martial arts, Jeet Kune Do and Kali/Escrima, when I was 13 and I then fell in love with fighting sports, I am now 31 and love to share all the knowledge I have accrued through the years.
Thanks to my first coach I understood from a very young age the importance of weight training, nutrition and lifestyle and I now have helped several people to feel better but also to lose weight, build an aestethic physique and improve their strength and performance."

Pietro Saba headshot, Personal Trianer and Martial Arts Coach at Your PT Hub in Inslington, London
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