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Inside the spacious Your PT Hub training studio, boxing bag and squat rack in front of white wall

Train at The Hub

If you're looking for a personal trainer in the N1 area, look no further. Simply fill out the consultation form below and someone from our team will pair you with the best trainer for your needs, experience and goals.

Each of our in-house personal trainers has their own specialist area of expertise; from weight loss, athletic performance, injury rehabilitation, and pre & post-natal fitness. Whatever your goal, all of our trainers are experienced and qualified to provide support in the following areas:

Personal Training

You'll be paired with one of our top quality trainers, suited to you and your goals. Sessions will take place at our very own private Personal Training studio in Islington, London. 

Workout Programming

Your trainer will work with you to create a full workout program to support you on your journey. This program will be presented to you with videos, guidance and a place to log your progress.

Nutrition Support

Whatever your goal, a great nutrition strategy will help enhance your results. Your trainer will work with you to create a sustainable approach to improving your current diet.

Lifestyle Support

Your trainer will be on hand to help you change your daily habits too. Whilst working out and adapting your nutrition will help you on your way to your goals, there will also be other parts of your life, like sleep, daily activity, mindfulness and recovery that you may need support with.

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