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10 Reason's You Should Hire a Personal Trainer - Part 1: Guidance, Accountability & Efficiency

Welcome to our 3 part blog series on reasons why you should hire a personal trainer. I can guarantee that some of these reasons (if not all), will help you to cross the gap between thinking about hiring a Personal Trainer and guide you into taking action to hire one.

Today I'm going to give you 3 reasons why hiring a Personal Trainer could help you. The 3 reasons for today are:

Guidance, Accountability and Efficiency.


When beginning something new, the biggest challenge is often a matter of 'where in the world do I start?'. Hiring a personal trainer can help beat this. They're a professional, they do this for a living, so they know what they're talking about. No matter what your goal is, it's very likely that they've helped multiple people achieve that same very thing, time after time. By hiring someone who has experience, you're gaining access to all the do's, don'ts, the lessons and the mistakes, without actually having to experience them all.

Personal trainer wearing white top coaching athlete into position to help with sport performance


Having a personal trainer in your corner to keep you accountable is arguably one of the biggest reasons there is. Most people don't follow through with their habits and goals because they don't have the right people supporting and cheering them on. By hiring a Personal Trainer - among everything else - you're essentially hiring you're own mini cheerleader (is there anything better in the world?). I promise you, that your trainer wants to see you succeed. I can vouch from my own experience that they want to celebrate every win. There is no greater joy than pushing our clients to be better than they thought possible, in every single session.

male personal trainer in white top coaching client in half push up position holding dumbbells in the middle of a gym


Another great reason, why wouldn't you want to remove the guesswork and make sure your workouts are as efficient as possible. Imagine spending hours a week on something and getting nothing in return because you're not quite hitting the right spot; this is what hiring a personal trainer can help you eliminate. It's more than just ensuring that you're doing it 'right' - this is a broad spectrum (a topic for another day). Instead, it's about making sure you're doing 'it' right for you, and most importantly you're doing 'it' right for your goals. For example, if you wanted to lose body fat whilst maintaining as much strength as possible. A personal trainer can go a step further than writing you an exercise program. They can also ensure that your prescribed activity for the week correctly compliments the rest of your life, making sure that you're not doing too much/too little or even wasting time on stuff that is having little to no impact toward to goals.

two girls wearing workout gear, smiling and laughing in workout clothing in a park surrounded by green trees

And there it is part 1 of 'reasons to hire a personal trainer' (specifically at Your PT Hub 😜).

If you're already convinced, you can register for a free in-person personal training consultation with one of our team by filling out our online consultation form here.

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