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Manny Eze

PT Specialisations

  • Fat loss 

  • Muscle Gain

  • Strength and Conditioning 

  • Injury Rehabilitation + Massage

  • Boxfit

  • Sports Performance

About Manny

"An energetic and enthusiastic motivator who uses a variety of coaching techniques to help his clients achieve their goals. He specialises in fat loss and muscle gain as well as training for performance, drawing on strength and conditioning strategies. He is a firm believer in the enjoyment aspect of exercise which will help you adhere to long term healthy lifestyle changes.

With a background in Sports and Exercise Science he aims to help his clients understand the science behind health and fitness.

What my clients say: 

Manny has been an essential part of my goal to return to my previous level of fitness after a number of months away and to target areas for development.  He understands my motivations, responsiveness and limitations and is adept at designing correspondingly challenging sessions that are varied, and innovative. 

All in, Manny’s attitude, applied knowledge and coaching have made it very easy for me to commit to regular sessions, push myself and see the desired results — and harder to make excuses to skip the gym!"

Personal Trainer at Your PT Hub Manny Eze offering strength and conditioning services
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