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Niall Smith

PT Specialisations

  • Nutrition coaching (weight loss/muscle gain)

  • Strength coaching for body transformations

  • Assessment and rehabilitation for low back and shoulder issues

About Niall
"Since 2001 I’ve been coaching busy, time-poor, professionals to build a strong and athletic body in a way that fits their crazy schedule.
My focus is to help them not only look good today but feel confident in their health and fitness for years to come, so they can continue to do the activities they love. 
The people I work with have often been frustrated either by long-term back or shoulder pain or felt unable to see progress with their physiques due to a challenging schedule. My role is to work with you, not just in a 1:1 session, but to fully support your fitness journey and help you put in place the structures, habits and focus to help you succeed.
I have qualifications from Precision Nutrition as a Level 2 master coach and the Poliquin Strength Institute amongst others as well as an internship with the Irish Strength Institute."

Personal Trainer at Your PT Hub Niall Smith offering nutrition coaching and rehabilitation from injury
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